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where can i buy an amazon gift card

Finding that perfect gift can be difficult. After all, it’s hard to find one thing that is both personal and special while also being practical and affordable. To make things worse, people change on a daily basis. What one person wants last year might not be appropriate this year. And how are you supposed to find a gift for your seven-year-old niece who lives in another state when you barely see her and have never been a seven-year-old girl?

Gift giving is a challenge, and that is precisely why the Amazon gift card is a godsend. The first gift card—issued by the Blockbuster chain—came out in 1994. Today, businesses ranging from restaurants to entertainment services to virtual goods all offer patrons gift cards. With this flexibility, a gift giver leaves the choice of the gift itself completely up to the recipient. What could go wrong?

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 Where Can I Buy Amazon Gift Cards

Of course, gift cards for very specific vendors such as Starbucks or iTunes limit the range of that flexibility. What if the boss for whom you bought the Starbucks gift card doesn’t drink coffee? What if the neighbor to whom you gave the iTunes card doesn’t have an iPhone or iPod?

In order to maximize the degree of flexibility a gift card has, I usually go for the Amazon gift card.

Amazon is an online market that sells thousands of different products. From clothes to books, from home decor to electronics, Amazon has something for everyone on your gift list and for every occasion possible. In fact, the website claims to have “Earth’s biggest selection,” and one quick scroll is more than enough to justify that boast. Because of the diversity this market offers, an Amazon gift card is a 100% guarantee that the gift recipient will end up with a product he or she loves.

Another great thing about the Amazon gift card is its customizable features. A lot of people don’t like gift cards because they find them impersonal and insincere. Amazon has a solution. Now, patrons can pick pre-designed cards that they believe are appropriate for the recipient of the gift. If they are not satisfied with even those, there is also an option for them to insert their own pictures. One can simply pick a border design from the plethora of choices and insert a personal photo. In addition, there is also an option of choosing the amount of money the card will carry as well as a space to add a personal message if one wishes.

Amazon gift cards can be purchased in most stores or online at their website.