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Paracord Bracelet: the Patriotic Survival Bracelet

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The Paracord bracelet is a portable survival tool that you can bring wherever you go. If you want to buy survival bracelet, this is what you should get. You will receive one bracelet which is 8.5 inches around and a survival whistle. There is probably nothing more patriotic than this red white and blue paracord bracelet. It is declaring your patriotism in quite a stylish and attractive way.

wounded warrior project How else will you better show that you support your country ? But later in the article we will reveal where to get a  free paracord bracelet in plenty of time for Election Day 2016. All you need to do is pay a small shipping fee.

==>>Get your Free Patriotic Paracord Survival Bracelet<<==

The materials used in making the patriotic paracord bracelets are not only a guaranteed durable ornament but it is also a long lasting and strong survival tool. It is a recommended tool by many of the top survivalists which makes it the best survival bracelet.

It is made with 10 feet of incredibly strong 550 lb. This Patriotic Paracord Bracelet will provide you with on demand powerful and incredibly durable survival tool. The snap closure of this bracelet is double purpose for it also features a very loud survival whistle.

So what is it that makes this bracelet a great tool for one’s survival?

What is the use of a paracord survival bracelet?

There are plenty of ways this bracelet can help you to survive. There is the loud whistle for one. If you are quite in danger and you would need a help from a friend, you can call his attention by blowing the whistle. By doing this, your friend will know that you need help. The whistle is loud and can help identify which direction the sound came from. Here are some other uses of this patriotic paracord survival bracelet.

  • Food Quest

One the greatest need of humans is food. If you are trap in an island you can unweave the paracord bracelet and then attach bait and a hook to the paracord and you can already fish for your meal.

If you are in a forest rather than an island you can also use this bracelet to make snare trap. You can use it as makeshift noose to entangle small animals that may pass on your way.

  • Tourniquet

Staying outdoor can be too dangerous. You can have bruises, bumps, gashes and worst of all you can have threatening injuries any of the reasons why this bracelet is the best survival bracelet is because you can also make it to a tourniquet so as you can cover the wound to limit the loss of blood and avoid more infection.

  • Trail

You can also use this bracelet to make a trail. Just unwound it and use parts of the cord to mark your paths so as you will not be lost.

  • Making a Fire

More Uses for a Paracord Survival Bracelet

This one is quite one of the trickiest use of this bracelet that the user should be quite careful. There are samples of this bracelet which has a fire starter with it so in this case, it would be easy. However most of these bracelets do not have the fire starter. So how can this be of help to build a fire?

You can do it by using the bow-and-drill friction fire method. For the bow string, you can use the cord of the bracelet. It is quite slippery that when you twist 2 strands together, it can give more traction to the drill. You must select dry and dead softwood to make as drill board. Make a whole in the softwood and then use the shackle in the bow drill through imbedding the bar which is curved. This will serve as the bearing block on top for the drill and you can now have a surface that is smooth where you can spin the drill.

There are still plenty of uses for this bracelet such as you use it to replace your shoelace and you can also use it to repair a ruined bag. You can even use it to floss. With all the things we can do with this survival kit, it would be really a good thing to buy survival bracelet while it still for sale.

Paracord Bracelets For Sale

So where can you buy paracord bracelets? Who sells paracord bracelets? Where to buy survival bracelets?

Usually you would need to make an order to buy one of these bracelets. There are plenty of websites where you can see them advertising their own version of this paracord bracelet.

There is the Survival Strap in America, Army Surplus World, Etsy, AliExpress and a lot more. There are also sites where you can see paracord bracelets in different colors along with their respective prices. You can always find on on Amazon.

Most of the times, it would take at least a week before you can have a paracord bracelet. After you order for it will have to undergo a lot of process including the shipment.

Free Paracord Bracelet

red white and blue paracord bracelet

But there is this Survival Frog bracelet which is a free paracord bracelet even for only a limited time. The only thing you will be paying here is the shipment. The catch with this survival kit is that aside from the cords and whistle in it, it also has a fire starter included. After all fire is an essential part and need to survive. It would be really a relief if you have this 2 most sought after items for survival just around your wrist.

It symbolizes patriotism while it is a kit essential for surviving. But why do you think it can do all the things mentioned above? Here are some paracord survival bracelet reviews about its specifications and features.

Characteristics of the paracord survival bracelet

  • Durability and Strength

The paracord bracelet is made of super strong, durable, authentic and compact 550-pound military paracord that are tested before they are ever used. The materials that make up the cords are lightweight and very flexible and are definitely a better one than those materials that are sold in most of the stores.

The design of the paracord gives it a high strength that is capable of withstanding weight in tons. The bracelet is also guaranteed waterproof. Aside from all these, they do not rot or fade as well. Stainless steel are used for the closure or the shackle which guarantees that it will not scratch, fade, show fingerprints, rust or even break.

  • Versatility

This paracord bracelet has proven itself to be worthy and of used in over a hundred uses both in emergencies and survival. It is due to the extraordinary strength and lightweight that it was that makes it the best survival bracelet. It can be used in plenty of ways. These include building shelter, equipment repair, making traps and a lot more.

  • Styleparacord survival bracelet review

Aside from all the uses of this patriotic paracord bracelet it can also be a fashion accessory. It comes in attractive colors and id quite stylish as well.

  • Easy to Use

This ornament comes with type of closures that are very opens easily and snap shut easily as well. They are also easy to clean. All you have to do is to hand wash them using soap and warm water.

  • Safety

Safety Factors for the Paracord Bracelet

For the safety of the users, the stainless shackle is made to be tough but at the same they can be adjusted in the wrist. They also include the safety attribute which is the break-away. It means that if ever you get held your bracelet up on something, the bracelet will easily break away from the wrist.

This patriotic paracord bracelet also comes in different types of shackle that you can choose from depending on your taste. It could be the plastic slide release shackle, stainless screw pin shackle or you might prefer the stainless clevis pin shackle.

There are plenty of reasons why we should acquire this paracord bracelet. They can be used for fashion statement, use to show your love and support to your country and the best of all it can be used as a handy survival kit. After all, you will never know when you would ever need it.

The best thing about this product is that it is quite an affordable. Once you purchase one of them, you would have too many benefits from it today or in the future use. Aside from all the benefits you can get from this purchase, you are also helping other people by doing so. For when you support this bracelet you are also supporting the Wounded Project Warrior Project. It is because for every bracelet ordered, there is a donation made to the said project.

To buy survival bracelet is a must. We do not wish to be in a harm’s way, but it there is nothing wrong to be prepared. You just do not put yourself in a more secure state but you are also showing patriotism and you also contribute to help other people. And all it would take is to buy this patriotic paracord bracelet. Or get the free paracord bracelet below.